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About Ehsan

In devotion to the elderly of our grandfathers and grandmothers and what their authenticity embodies in the country, the Center for Empowerment and Care of the Elderly (Ehsan) was established in 2002, to enhance and honor the role of the elderly and their contributions to the social, economic and cultural development of the country. The Center also seeks to empower them. Supporting their active participation in all fields, spreading community awareness of their basic rights and issues, working to achieve communication between generations, and emphasizing the role of the family in caring for them. The center has been operating since 2013 under the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development and Family.


  • Our Goal

    - Empowerment
    - Care
    - Awareness


Our Value

- Responsibility for providing the necessary empowerment and care programs for the elderly

- Communicating community awareness of the rights and needs of the elderly

- Professionalism: Promoting solidarity between generations and encouraging opportunities for interaction among them

- Partnership building and developing institutional capabilities