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CEO Message

The Third National Development Strategy of the State of Qatar 2024-2030, through the Fourth National Strategic Result, emphasized achieving a cohesive society and preserving authentic values and strong family ties by promoting religious and societal values that call for attention to the elderly, their care, enhancing their status in society, and working to develop and spread awareness. With their requirements and needs in all fields.
From this standpoint, the Center for Empowerment and Care of the Elderly “Ihsan” seeks to enhance recognition of the role of the elderly and their contributions to social, economic and cultural development, empower them, support their active participation in all fields, spread community awareness of their basic rights and issues, work to achieve communication between generations, and emphasize the role of the family in their care.
Providing programs and initiatives that contribute to enhancing the empowerment and necessary care for the elderly, activating their role in society and benefiting from their experiences, integrating them with different individuals and groups of society, and striving towards activating the true partnership between civil society institutions and the private sector with ministries and government institutions. Yes.
We at the Center are also keen on international participation and contributing to implementing the goals of regional and international conventions related to the elderly by celebrating international and Arab days and participating in international initiatives.