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Day Care Services (Ehsan club) 

  • The center offers  day-care programs to elderly based on well planed work programs and activities. It provides services to elders on an ongoing basis based on the expected increase in their numbers. The program aims to:
    •    Revitalize club members.
    •    Ease the burden on the family at daytime, when family members need to go to work and leave elders alone.
    •    Rebuild the bonds of social cohesion, and integrate different social groups with the elderly.
    •    Fill the spare time of elderly in a beneficial way and benefit from their experience and skills.
    •    Provide an opportunity for the elderly to cooperate among themselves and practice their hobbies and productivity.
    •    Provide consultancy in various areas, including: health, nutritional, psychological and social areas.
    •    Instill the principles of voluntary work in the Qatari society.


Psychological Care Services

  • Provide psychological services for the elderly through:
    •    Provide psychological tests to measure the mental state for elderly.
    •    Provide individual and group guidance sessions to improve the self-image of        elderly and prepare them to adapt and be harmony with others.
    •    Instruct the elderly to prepare them psychologically and socially to adapt to the psychological needs of aging.
    •    Communicate with elderly families to help improve their mental state.
    •    Provide psychological counseling for elderly who needs it.
    •    Provide family counseling for families on how to deal with various psychological problems related to aging.
    Social Welfare Services
    •    Study and follow up for cases of older men and women.
    •    Continuous communication with seniors to provide necessary support.
    •    Solve everyday problems faced by elderly at the center.
    •    Provide personal supplies, in addition to wheel chairs, medical beds and other health supplies for needy elderly to ease the financial burden on their families.
    •    Implementation and activation of programs and internal activities that help elderly spend their time in beneficial activities.
    •    Provide social consultation by phone and answering public's questions.
    Consultation Service
    The Elderly Empowerment and Care Center (Ehsan) currently provides psychological support services for the elderly and their caregivers, to enhance the mental health of the elderly through the consultation line "800009". This is provided by specialists.


Social Support & Counseling Services

  • The center offers Support and guidance initiative for the elderly. The Goals are as follows:
    •    Provide social support services for the elderly, their families and care givers, as a nurse or house keepers.
    •    Encourage elderly to appreciate its importance in society.
    •    Raise the spirits of the elderly and reassure their conditions in the current circumstances by enhancing their social status.
    •    Following-up the social status of the elderly and Provide instructions and videos.
    •    Provide contact numbers for hotlines concerned with health and psychological consultations, home delivery services, pharmacies, etc., and texting them via WhatsApp.
    •    Develop elderly life skills and link them to their daily life routine.
    •    Prepare elderly socially and improve their ability to face crises and challenges.


E-Learning Services

A program that includes several technology training courses for the elderly, including Qataris and residents of all nationalities, to help them achieve independence, increase their self-esteem, and their confidence in their value and role in society. The e-learning project started in 2014 and continues until now. It aims to train the elderly to use modern technology so that they can communicate and interact with those around them.