E-Learning Services​​

A program that includes several technology training courses for the elderly, including Qataris and residents of all nationalities, to help them achieve independence, increase their self-esteem, and their confidence in their value and role in society. The e-learning project started in 2014 and continues until now. It aims to train the elderly to use modern technology so that they can communicate and interact with those around them.

Identification of needs

Ehsan's team noticed, during the usual activities and programs in the day care clubs, internal care, support services, and social and psychological counseling sessions, that the elderly lack the skills to deal with technology and face some problems because of that, which affects their communication with people around them. Therefore, the need for an e-learning program emerged to meet the actual needs of the elderly. A survey was conducted to determine the most important needs. Training on the use of modern technology was on top of the list of these needs.

  • The project supports the rights of the elderly and their right to social integration through a set of comprehensive practical steps
  • It helps every elderly person to enjoy a life that achieves social well-being and a decent life that confirms that their voice is heard, as the project reflected the needs revealed by a community survey carried out by the center
  • It achieves community integration. For example, the project allowed the center to continue evaluating its programs and services for the elderly and helped them deal with the Corona crisis and use the Ehteraz application
  • It facilitates the lives of the elderly using smart technology, supporting their self-confidence, developing the services provided to them in general, even outside Ehsan, and developing their community relations, education and skill levels, and help them remain productive​
​​The Message

Towards healthy aging as a continuous process to develop the functional capabilities of the elderly and achieve their social well-being


Justice | Equality | Integration | Empowerment | Unlocking capabilities | Participation | Interaction | Responsibility | Communication​​

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